There will be a lot of activities to do on the way, both on the ship and ashore.




There will be plenty of time to fish. We have a lot of fishing gear on board, for large and small fishes. When we sail, we have a line after the boat and we actually often catch a fish. There is nothing better than to catch your own dinner.




On some routes and at some destinations it will be possible to acquire a diving certificate, if you do not already have one. There will also be opportunity to sail and dive with professionals  for a day (This is at your own expense). It is worth the money and the trip. If you already have diving certificate and the equipment, you are welcome to bring this. (We disclaim, however, any responsibility regarding diving).

Those who find the pleasure to snorkel (like us) are welcome to bring snorkel equipment. You are also welcome to borrow the snorkel equipment, there is available on True Blue. It is the best feeling in the world, lying in the ocean and enjoy the fish and corals.



Activities onshore

It will be an advantage  for you if you from home, have done some research on the destinations you are gonna visit. It depends on what you want to experience on the journey. I love to experience the nature, waterfalls, wildlife etc. In the rainforest you will experience a rich wildlife and you will hear the exotic bird whistle or hear/see howler monkeys. There will be plenty of time to go hiking on the tropical terrain.  If you prefer the historical, then you should explore the old abandoned leper city or the old prison, which has seen lava eruptions. There is so much more to explore. So find out what you want to see.   


Photos and diary

It is important for us to document all our experiences and take photos for a eternity memory. I hope you will help to inspire others, who hides a small dream of sailing adventures. We would therefore be grateful if you will help us to blog on our facebook page and post a lot of beautiful pictures. It will be possible to edit videos on board if you wish. We also  have a drone on board , so we can take pictures/videos of the boat, crew, sea and beaches from above.


Stand up Paddle board/ knee Board

You could play with our paddle board.

Relaxing on the boat 

There will also be a lot to do on the boat when you do not have the look out duty. We have a hammock on board, where you can relax with a good book from our well-stocked library. If you are feeling more creative, you can learn to crochet. It is good relaxing. There will also be games, Sudoku and drawing equipment on board.