About us

We sail not to escape life – but for life not to escape us

In 1984 my family bought our first vessel a x 79. We had it transported to Queensland Australia. Along with our 3 children, we enjoyed the east cost of Australia . Great Barrier reef and The Gold coast had so much to offer. But after sailing on and off 12 years in Australia, we dreamed to explore more of the world. So in 2003 we bought a 48 ft trimaran in Spain. Troels (the captain) had a dream to sail across the Atlantic and explore the Caribbean sea. After about 4 years cruising around the Caribbean, we decide to sell the trimaran and bought a Beneteau Oceanis 510 (50 ft) vessel, which we sailed back to Denmark, to be restored. Now the boat is almost finished renovated and ready to sail back to Caribbean. 
As you can hear we are a family, with saltwater in our blood. Our family has been a sailing family through several generations. That’s why the time has come to tell others about our amazing experiences. Both places we have visited before and new destinations to explore. Through the trip the captain will always be on board and one or two of the remaining crew.

Troels is born in 1960. He is from Denmark and work as a self-employed carpenter. He has been sailing since he was a child, with his father and grandfather. Through life Troels dreamed of bigger adventures than endless days of hard work. 
As person/captain Troels has this gift to create a sense of trust and safety for anyone. He is as strong as terminator and never and I mean NEVER give up until he gets the task done. Besides he can fix everything whit just a screwdriver and duct tape.




Reserve captain:
My name is Christina , I am born in 1990. I’m from Denmark and work as a nurse. It is I who manage the website. Like the rest of my family it is in my DNA to travel. I love to travel and experience the ocean adventurer, both above and below sea level, the simple life, my family and the intense feeling of freedom. Not so long ago, I got paper on my sailing abilities. So now I’m ready to sail True Blue.



Crew/ safety:
Lis born in 1963 and lives in Denmark. She works in a kindergarten. She has been married to Troels for ages, and always supported his many wild exciting ideas. As person she is everybody’s mother. She has literally eyes in the neck. On board she is responsible for the safety. And at home she maintains the everyday running. 




Sofie born in 1998. She is studying hard at hhx. She is good at relaxing with a good book. She has a knowledge of the craziest things you did not know you had to use. 



Louise born in 1992. Her skills on board is to drop everything and totally relax on the deck.








Michael born in 1990. He is reserve engineer and an amazing cook.  






Engineer/Boat boy 😉 :  
Nicolai born in 1991 lives in Denmark. He works as a auto mechanic and married to Christina. 



Crew : 
Asgar and Thor born in 2014 and 2016. Provides good entertainment on board. 
 Billedet indeholder sandsynligvis: en eller flere personer, folk, der sidder, folk, der sover og baby






Why not join us, live the dream and share the adventure.