Trips 2018-2019

Join us on a 50 feet Yacht in Caribbean – and experience the Paradise from the ocean. 

Wavy palms, colorful coral reefs, breathtaking rocky islands, glittering turquoise blue sea and long white sandy beaches. These are just some of the attractions that await you on a sailing holiday in the Caribbean.

It doesn’t matter if you have minimal or no sail experience. There will be an experienced captain aboard, who has many years of sailor experience and know the local areas and Caribbean’s unique spots.

On the other hand, if you want to take part in the sailing, you are more than welcome to be skipper and trim (pull the rope to) the sails.

So do you want to take your family or friends on a sailing holiday in a 50 feet yacht? Then you have the chance here.

There are 3 double cabins, sleeping up to 6 people. There are two private toilets, both with baths that you have for yourself.

You can book the whole boat or a cabin for 2.

If you are interested, please contact us and hear about the details and we will help you plan your dream vacation.

Write to us here.

The Caribbean consists a lot of beautiful tropical islands, each island has their own unique beauty and experiences to be explored. Our start and finish location will primarily be Grenada.