Practical info

Flight tickets

Sailing is always marked by unpredictability ex the weather.  Even though we try to be on the agreed location, there can be situations where it is necessary to make changes. Costs for changing tickets, travel plans, possible hotel accommodation etc. is on your own. Likewise there will be no compensation for the changing navigation plans.  

You are responsible to find and book your flights / transport. We strongly recommend that you arrive to the country 1-2 days before you are going to board the yacht. The same goes when you disembark. Or that you buy flexible tickets, which dates and destinations can be changed if needed.

We recommend or to buy cheap tickets.  



It is your own responsibility to have a travel insurance and to cover illness and repatriation. It can happen that you break an arm or a leg, get appendictis or a toothache, bleed to death after losing a finger while cutting onions, fall overboard, get hit in the head by a boom, stung by a jellyfisch, get eaten by a shark, get malaria, cholera, dengue fever… in short, you may be seriously injured or even die. So do not save on you insurance when you sail. 

Should you dive along the way, it is very important that your insurance also covers recreational diving down to 30 meters. You are welcome to bring your own diving equipment, but we take no responsibility regarding diving and swim up from the boat.



Make sure you have the recommended vaccines. Contact your doctor for more information.

 Visas and Passport

You need to have a valid passport and all necessary visas. Check the visa regulations of the countries you are traveling to and sailing in. The requirements may differ.