True Blue is not a charter or  travel agency but a cruise on share basis. True Blue sails as private, but have crew members on adventures. The pay is only used for maintenance, security, equipment and running of the ship. We follow the guidelines from FTLF (Danish union).



The price you pay for the trip is for maintenance, repairs, fuel, safety and running of the ship and so on.

  • When True Blue has received the reservation fee, you are guaranteed the reservation of the boat.
  • The amount of the payment will be agreed when you contact us.
  • For cancellations refunded the payment only if we can find (and approve) a second crew. Should you be unable to sail with us, let us know as soon as possible.

Expenses for living on board

All living expenses such as food, harbor fees, cruising permits etc is on your own. It is your decision how much you want to spent on food and harbor fees. 

Other Expenses

In addition to the above, you must calculate insurance, flight tickets, vaccines, possible visa and pocket money. Read more about it here

We recommend that if you decide to be a crew, make sure that you have the economy in order, to get the full benefit of the trip and have room for unexpected costs.


Book a berth

If you want to be a crew on True Blue or have any question. Just send me a mail. 

Contact us here, for booking a berth.