What to pack?

What to pack?

With some experience in Oceans sailing, we know what to pack – and not to pack- When crossing the Atlantic. As a little rule, it should all fit in one bag.

It may be hard to know- what to pack. It may be hot where there will be a need for T-shirt, shorts, sunscreen and sun hat. It can rain and be windy then you will prefer sailing clothes and a rain hat and for the cold nights a couple of hot underwater would wonders.

There is also a difference between what to pack when sailing with True Blue from Denmark or for those who embark in Caribbean. Of course, some of the things to bring will be the same for all the routes. Of course, you should not bring 3 sets of warm underwear if you only cruise around the Caribbean (rute 4 and 5) and not only bring shorts and sunhat if you are sailing from Denmark.

You must remember that you can wash your cloth along the way and there will also be a possibility to wash the boat (We have soap and a bucket).


Things everyone needs to pack:

  • 2 prints of the crew agreement-  to the skipper (it is nice to have).

  • Many copy of your passport- for the customs (on trip 1, 2 and 3 you will not need so many). 

  • Sun-protection screen – the sun is strong at sea and the water reflects the sun rays.

  • Seasickness pills – there can be rough weather at times.

  • Medical/Travel/Personal Liability Insurance – make sure the policy covers sailing.

  • Lightweight long sleeved shirt and trousers – these are the best sun protection.

  • Hat – protect your head.

  • Sunglases – protect your eyes.

  • Sailing Gloves – protect your hands when we handle sails and lines. 

  • Special sailing/deck shoes – we do not wear shoes on board that are used ashore. If you need to wear shoes they MUST have a white sole and must not be used ashore. 

  • Sleeping bag- If you want to sleep on deck.

  • Beach towel – for use off the boat.

  • Towel – 1 or 2 – for use on the boat. (we also have a few onboard)

  • T-Shirts & Shorts or dresses (for the ladies)– not too many, storage space is limited! From experience 4-5 each is more than enough.

  • Swimwear – lots of opportunity to swim.

  • Lightweight warm top – for night sailing.

  • Lightweight windproof/waterproof  jacket and Trousers – for the cold nights.

  • Lightweight collapsible bag/rucksack – there is no storage space for solid sided luggage.

  • Snorkel equipment – if you have one, bring them. We must explore life underwater.

  • Life jacket– there will be life jackets on board. But if you have one you want to bring, that are better quality, thats alright .

  • A headlamp-There is light on the boat at night, but it may be nice to have a lamp.

  • Mobile / ipod / ipad / camara etc. – Since we are well equipped with power when the sun is shining or the engine is running, there will be the possibility of charging along the way. Remember waterproof protection for your equipment.

  • Waterprof watch-It’s nice to know what the time is

  • In addition, remember underwear, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and other personal   

           belongings- But remember don’t pack too much, you will not need it and you can wash onboard.


To those who sail from Danmark


  • 1 set fleece underlayer

  • Boots

  • Maybe a Watch hat/rain hat

  • Hoodie

  • Mid-layer sailing jacket

  • Off-shore foul weather jacket and pants

  • 1 or 2 pair breathable warm underwear



Do NOT bring a hard Suitcase.




Here are some pictures of the captains wardrobe

Here are my (Christinas ) bag




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